The LM-11 Series
of Slitter / Rewinders
(single + multi-ply)


  • Self-Containing Paper Rolls
  • Carbonless Paper Rolls
  • Diagram Paper Rolls
  • Adding Machine Rolls
  • Thermal Paper Rolls
  • Cash-Register Rolls
  • Plotter Rolls
  • Lottery Rolls
  • Telefax Rolls
  • CB:CF Rolls
  • ATM Rolls
  • CFB Rolls
  • POS Rolls
The LM-11 Series of Slitter / Rewinders


Get your Market Share of the profitable Non-Carbon Roll Business with the LM-11 Series of Slitter/Rewinders.

Benefit from the exciting Cost: Performance Ratio and unbeatable Versatility. 320 mtrs./min. web speed. 1 + 2 + 3 plies, each backstand with its own bow roller. Up to 500 logs/shift.

LM-110 (AT), affordable, compact Slitter / Rewinder,
ideally suited for ATM + POS + ADD + THERMO Paper
Rolls. Multi-purpose machinery from CONVERTEX

Slitter / Rewinders of the LM-11 series are most flexible, offering a broad range of products. Parts and pieces for changing the product size are
included with the basic equipment and one operator can do the job easily
and quickly.

SLITTER / REWINDER LM-110 .... for THERMAL Sensitive Paper
and Carbonless Paper Rolls. 1.100 mms. wide, 320 mtr. / min.
web speed. 6 - 13.000 rolls per 8 hrs. shift.

Feeds plastic or cardboard cores automatically on the rewind shaft. Minimum core length = 35 mms., maximum core length = 120 mms. Minimum outside diameter = 27 mms., maximum thickness = 40 mms.
The automatic core loader is a very useful Option, to complement the
LM-11 series and could work in line with other brands as well. Independent unit with its own drive. May be purchased afterwards.
Designed for small cores, like add'rolls (not for fax rolls).



The Paper Roll Business is growing rapidly everywhere. Multi-ply NCR/THERMO Rolls continue to experience rates of growth in both,
industrialized and Third-World Countries.
CONVERTEX' answer:
The LM-11 Series of Slitter/Rewinders for single/twin/triple-ply rolls, combining versatility and flexibility.

Handles NCR / THERMO / CARBONLESS/CB/CF/CFB ... with ease and is ideally suited for the manufacture of Credit Card Payment Slip Rolls in multiparts (American Express, Diners, Euro Card, Masters, Visa, etc.). It can also make twin & triple-ply Add/Fax Till rolls as well as ATM, POS, PLOTTER and Lottery. With and without flexo printing. Max. web speed = 320 mtrs./min.
Airshaft/s, edge trim, rewind shafts and auto-warning marker are standard.

Also included:

  • Auto Rider Roller
  • Auto Stop by Roll Length
  • Auto Stop by Roll Diamenter
  • Auto Twister



If desired we will provide name & address of reliable Paper Mills for Thermo Paper in the European Economic Community and also recommend the right raw material specification to fit the LM-11 Series. For instance:


Automized Slitter / Rewinder LM-110 with Auto-Tucker

Till Rolls


Backstand with 1 or 2 or 3 unwind/s.
Each unwind equipped with its own air shaft, air brake and banana roller.
Banana roller/s covered with "VITTON" rubber, resistant against aggressive chemicals.
Driven and pneumatically actuated rider roller.
Rider roller showing 10% advance speed.
Individual setting of air brake/s.
Air brake equipped with fine regulation.
One of the two carrier rollers with metallized cover.
Lower knife shaft of "TUNGSTEN CARBIDE" or "POLYURETHANE".
Quick and high return of investment.






Operating widths: 1100 mms. (1-ply)
800 mms. (2-ply)
650 mms. (3-ply)
Approx. output: 6-10.000 add rolls per shift
2-3.500 fax rolls per shift
Standards: CE-ISO-VDE-VDMA.


The LM-11 represents effecient and inexpensive paper converting machinery to give you the competitive edge!




Flexo printing attachments available for the LM-11 Series as option.
1 or 2 colour/s. Front or reverse. Simple rubber roller or sophisticated ceramic roller. 80 resp. 160 mtrs./min. 300/600 mms. print repeat.

Till Rolls



Broad range of fine accessories, customized options and genuine spare parts available on request.

For instance inline flexo printing of one or two colour/s with precise registration, edge guide systems, auto web tension control, auto-roll wrapper and low-budget shrink wrappers.




Till Rolls




All hand made, custom built and fully guaranteed machinery to dramatically increase your sales.

Till Rolls


From CONVERTEX- Germany, your single source supplier.



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