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  CONVERTEX is an independent private company specializing in Paper Converting / Processing / Printing Machines.
Since four decades we are supplying new and used machinery to over 50 Nations around the world. The majority of our machines is covered with a 6 months VDMA guarantee and meets the demands of many budget-conscious buyers.

Our objective is to give customers a quality machine at an affordable price, i.e. reduced budgets, yet equal performance.
Hundreds of satisfied customers the world over are evidence ---
buyers believe our concept is right. Find out how CONVERTEX can provide a cost-effective solution to your Business.

CONVERTEX ® Maschinen GmbH
P.O.B. 200232, D-40100 Duesseldorf, GERMANY Fed. Rep.
Phones: 0049-211-371313, 0049-211-3850081/82 · Fax: 0049-211-371888, 0049-211-3850087 · e-mail: